Wednesday, June 22, 2011

West VA Trip Calf Pics

Thriller Steer  at Roger Patterson's - He's real good!
Ayash Farms - They'll have a large set of Lautner calves next year!
Part of Bartenslager cow herd! They will have a very large set of Lautner sired calves next year!
Heatwave Heifer - Dean Hansen

I had a great day in West Virginia yesterday looking at over 150 calves. Unfortunately due the extreme heat I didn't get as many pictures as I hoped. The cattle wanted to stay in the shade or in the mud. The ones I did get certainly don't represent the calves at their best, but they show their quality. Roger Patterson, Dean Hansen, and Zach Bartenslager have a stout set of calves. My picks were Roger's Thriller Steer, Dean's Heatwave heifer, and Zach had a really impressive Monopoly heifer out of his Full Flush x 602G donor!

Be sure to check these producers calves out. Next year between these three breeders there will be close to 75 Monopoly sired calves! Wow I can't wait to see those babies!

Thanks again to Roger Patterson for showing me around all day! I appreciate it.

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