Saturday, December 31, 2011

Executive Sires - 2011 - Year in Review

2011 has been an incredible year for Executive Sires. I began this business early in 2011 and there are many people who have played a huge part in our success and growth. Some individuals in particular that I'd like to thank for their continued support of Executive Sires are first my original partners on our first bull acquisition, Joe Guthrie and Dr. Josh Keene. Both of these individuals certainly played a huge part in the jumping off point of Executive Sires with their help in buying Rito Tremendous 0V42! Without Joe's and Josh's belief and support I could not be where I am today with Executive Sires. 

Another person that I have enjoyed working with and been fortunate to do a great deal of business with is Matt Lautner of Matt Lautner Cattle. Matt called me last spring and asked me if I would like to carry semen on his powerful battery of sires. We struck a deal and since then I am proud to say that he and I have done a lot of good work together not only involving the semen business but our new business that we have built and own together Matt Lautner Cattle TV. I have very much enjoyed working with Matt and his great crew, and I look forward to our continued success in 2012 together! 

A few more special individuals that I really need to thank and  recognize their incredible help and support include my parents, Joe and Pam Terembes, and my girlfriend, Whitney Jones. They have really stood behind me and helped in so many ways with business throughout the year. I could not have had as much success this year without them and I can never thank them enough! 

I'd like to also thank another business partner Quaker Hill Farm, the Rosson family, for their support as well. In particular Charles Rosson has been a great friend and mentor throughout the year and I very much thank him for that.

There are many more people who have played an integral part to my success, I could write pages and pages about them. But a few more in particular that I'd like to mention include Quint Huncovsky, the Virginia Club Calf Producers, Sullivan Supply (John and Dan Sullivan), Josh Greiner, Chance Lautner, Jason Arehart, Charles Sharpe, Lee Rosson, Ernest Carter, Raymond Gonnet, North American Breeders, Hawkeye Breeders Service, Vogler Semen Centre and many more!

And finally last but not least, the most important people to Executive Sires have been the hundreds of people from across the country who have purchased semen from me this year! Our customers have been incredible. It's been a humbling experience to work with so many wonderful breeders who have put their confidence in Executive Sires! I can not thank you, our customer, enough! I am excited for 2012 and the success we can work towards together! As always I am available so call anytime. I am very excited for the future and these certainly are some incredible times to be in the cattle business! 

Thank you once again to everyone who has supported me in 2011 and I look forward to a more successful and prosperous year with your help in 2012!

May you and yours have a wonderful, prosperous and Happy New Year!

Chris Terembes

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