Friday, March 30, 2012

Shenandoah Valley Recap!

I am proud to say I got to visit with Scott and Erik Ruebush, JT Begoon, Christian Deavers & Kenny Reed, and Donnie Michael yesterday while I was in in the Valley! Their cattle looked great! They've got some powerful prospects!

Be sure to top in! Those cattle are Anchorman Approved!

 First stop Ruebush's!

 Monopoly Heifer Calf at Ruebush's

 Money Shot x Habby Donor cow

 Money Shot x Habby Donor cow

 Shiver Fall born bull Calf - Future Herdsire for the Lowline Program at Ruebush Cattle!

 Scott Ruebush

 Scott Ruebush works for Budweiser

 JT Begoons Place

JT Begoons Turkey Barns 

Walks Alone Heifer - Raised by Kenny Reed

 Get on Board - Flush of Calves at J.T. Begoons

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