Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Proof is in the Stats and the Banners - Statistical Proof Monopoly Is Leading the Industry!

High Seller Sires

I know some of you don’t care for this stat stuff but I’ve been programming pretty solidly all month and it’s either numbers or nothing from me right now.  Today it’s stats on the individual sale high selling steers this fall.

Of the 150 online sales that have had steers since August 1st the average high seller was $7,123.

There were 59 different bulls (throwing the clones in with the originals) that sired the high seller in those 150 sales.  The bulls that sired the most individual sale high sellers…

  1. Monopoly - 58
  2. Heat Wave - 20
  3. Walks Alone - 9
  4. Eye Candy - 8
  5. Bojo - 4
  6. Friction - 3
  7. I-80 - 3
  8. Salty Dog - 3
  9. Unstoppable - 2
    Thriller - 2
    Jakes Proud Jazz - 2
    Bodacious - 2
    Headliner - 2
    My Turn - 2
    Northern Improvement 4480 GF - 2
    Smilin Bob - 2
    Choppin Wood - 2
40 Bulls Tied @ 1

The over represented sires on that list are...

Monopoly sired 21.3% of all steers in the database this fall but had the high seller in 32.7% of sales.

Heat Wave sired 8.2% of the steers in the database this fall but had the high seller in 12.7% of sales.

Walks Alone and Eye Candy both sired a relatively predictable amount of high sellers based on the amount of steers they had in sales.
    By Jeff

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