Saturday, April 27, 2013

Duello Cattle Company - Wyoming

I had a chance to stop by Dr. Dave Duello's place in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming! I have to say this could possibly be one of the most impressive large group of club calf oriented females I've ever seen at one stop! With over 500 head of brood cows, first calf heifers and the yearling heifers, everywhere I looked there were great ones! It was overwhelming to see so many cows that were of that caliber! I appreciate Dave taking the time to show me around his operation! It was very enjoyable to discuss pedigrees and the foundation genetics of his cow herd!

If you're ever in the Pine Bluffs area I'd highly recommend stopping in to see this cow herd! It will be worth your time! As always look for Dave's famous Western Elite Female sale from the Yards in Denver in January 2014!

Thanks again for your semen purchase!
I Da Man
No Worries

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