Monday, May 13, 2013

Sullivan Farms - Iowa

I had a great stop at Sullivan Farms in Dunlap, Iowa! It was a great pleasure to look at John's cows and 2013 calf crop! John's program is in a league of its own! I'd like to once again thank Josh Elder and Drew Davis for showing me the calves and finding the 2013 bull prospects for me to look at! 

As one would expect the Monopoly's were exceptional! There were a couple Monopoly's in particular that are special! 

It was also a pleasure to talk to Josh and Drew about my new for 2013 sire I Da Man! I Da Man was raised at Sullivan Farms and both Josh and Drew said I Da Man was a special individual!

I appreciate John's massive I Da Man semen purchase. His support and confidence to use I Da Man on his dominate donor battery is greatly appreciated!

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