Monday, April 28, 2014

The Man From Ree Heights

I remember the first time I made my first stop at Reimann Show Cattle in Ree Heights, South Dakota. I truly didn't know what to expect. I had never met Nick Reimann, but I had heard and seen the success and prowess of the program. Nick was extremely hospitable and showed me the entire sale offering spending several hours showing me his top prospects for his 2012 fall sale! I was honestly overwhelmed at how incredible the calves were and even more impressed on how he enjoyed talking about bulls, cattle and the industry! From that point on I spoke to Nick fairly regularly and always enjoyed getting his insight on what he thought was working and how the industry was changing. He truly was a visionary on how to produce incredible show cattle on a large and consistent scale!

When Nick's program came up for conversation around the United States at shows or sales, I always just called him the Man from Ree Heights and folks knew who you were talking about. I know there are several great breeders in that area but Nick's program was what I'd like to call the crown jewel! I certainly will miss having the opportunity to talk cattle and visit with him at his place or on the road! 

Theres no doubt Nick Reimann will go down as a legend in the cattle business!

My thoughts and prayers are with Nick's family as well as the Rau and Beitelspacher families. I never had the pleasure to meet Logan Rau or Brent Beitelspacher but their families and programs are certainly some of the most successful in the nation! The passing of these three men is a great loss not only to the cattle business but to all the people they touched in their lives.

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