Saturday, May 17, 2014

M Lazy Heart Ranch - Wyoming - GREAT ONE ALERT - I Da Man Heifer Priced at $35,000 - She's Incredible!

Paul & Christine Miller along with their family and herdsman Brad Linton have a stellar 2014 calf crop!

The I Da Man's, No Worries and Power & Balances on their upcoming Western Shootout Sale are impeccable!

If your in need of a great show heifer they have several available but there is a younger I Da Man heifer out of one of their Heatwave donors that is truly special. She's still a bit young to be on their Western Shootout sale and honestly I don't know if Brad Linton will let Paul sell her but she's as good as walks!

Thanks again to Paul's continued usage of our bulls in particular I Da Man!

Don't forget their sale on June 5th on CW Sales!

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