Sunday, October 19, 2014

BPF Beast - New Mature Photo & Progeny Support Photos! Two Incredible daughters that sell at Bushy Park on October 25th!

BPF Beast 513Y
Irish Whiskey x GAR Gridmaker
AMAA Registration #: 430991
Semen available now - $25/Unit

General Manager of Bushy Park Farm and Master Breeder Cory Thomsen feels BPF Beast 513Y may be one of Bushy Park's finest accomplishments! Bushy Park Farm is no stranger to raising great herd sires throughout the years in the Maine-Anjou business and BPF Beast 513Y is destined to write more history of his own! Executive Sires along with their partner Garwood Cattle Company acquired BPF Beast 513Y for $36,000 in 2012 as the high selling sire in the Denver Bound Daddies Event hosted by Caldwell-Willoughby Sales! His first calf crop has not disappointed. Cory Thomsen loves his BPF Beast 513Y progeny saying, "They're just so complete, big boned, huge bodied, and no throw aways!" BPF Beast 513Y is destined to be a legendary female sire!

BPF Beast 513Y can be utilized in many breeding situations! He has worked great on TH Carrier females adding bone, depth of rib,  and muscle while still keeping them sound structured! BPF Beast 513Y also is a must use on your maternal based females in cases where producers want to raise huge bodied, stout, and sound herd sires and brood cows! This bull is a true maternal perfection!

BPF Beast 513Y will be on display at the 2014 Bushy Park Farm October 25th Production Sale at the Ranch! BPF Beast 513Y will also be on display and exhibited at the 2014 North American International Livestock Exposition. Stop by the Bushy Park Farm stalls and see him!

Bushy Park Farm
Lot 24 - Born: May 2, 2014
BPF Beast 513Y x GCC Sioux Miss 024X
Registers: Mainetainer

Lot 25 - Born: May 4, 2014
BPF Beast 513Y x BPF Miss Heatwave 334X
Registers: Mainetainer

BPF Beast 513Y's Dam
BPF GAR Gridmaker 4138 Donor

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