Monday, February 16, 2015

The First Django Calf Has Arrived at Kevin Benes's Ranch - Kevin said the calf's built like a carrier out of a TH clean cow! Just as we expected! Django's Double Clean & Triple Good!


Kevin Benes called tonight and said he had his first Django bull calf just a few hours ago and Kevin said he looks incredible! Big boned, hairy and stout! Kevin said that the cow is a Superman daughter that is TH & PHA clean, but the calf looks like it's a TH carrier with its extra hair and bone!

Since the first day I saw Django in the fall of 2013, I have felt he could potentially be the most dynamic TH & PHA free sire I've ever seen. Django's off to a great start! 

Order early supplies will be tight!

View Django's Denver video below!

Call to order Django semen today - 434.962.3993

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