Friday, October 14, 2016

Johnson Show Cattle - Awesome No Worries & Jose Heifers Sell - 10/17/16

Lot 1 - No Worries x Monopoly
Registers: Mainetainer

Lot 2 - Jose x I80/Monopoly/Jazz
Registers: High Maine

Text from Jordan Johnson: "Hi Chris, Here are our lots 1 and 2 heifers in the Johnson Show Cattle Online Steer & Heifer Sale. Sired by No Worries & Jose! They sell 10/17 on! I definitely am sure of what I am breeding our heifers to next year, No Worries & Jose!"

OPEN HOUSE at Johnson Show Cattle is this weekend!

SALE DATE: 10/17/16 on SC Online Sales.

Contact: Jordan Johnson - 740-853-2515

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