Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bubba & Seth Vogel Along with Brady Long - LOVED HIGH STYLE! ORDER Semen on this Calving Ease Maternal Machine from Bubba right away!

We appreciate all that Bubba & Seth Vogel do to help promote and sell our genetics in Southern Ohio, Kentucky & Beyond!

Bubba, Seth & Brady appreciated High Style's balance, big body and ultra completeness! I along with Bubba think High Style will be a great addition to our lineup and the perfect calving ease sire prospect to breed to the No Worries, I-80, Comfort Zone, I-67, Driving 80 and a host of other sires daughters!

Bubba breeds a large majority of the cows in Southern Ohio. If you need help making sire selections to improve your bottomline and 2018 calf crop, call Bubba! He is ready and willing to help you succeed!

Contact Bubba to order semen on all of our sires today - 513-256-8370!

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