Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tyler Russman - Loves his Rockstar Calves! He says the ET Calves at his & Curt Wolff's out of his Lucy Donor Look the Part!

Tyler Russman & Teresa Block report at the 2017 Michigan Beef Expo that their ET calves sired by Rockstar look impressive. Tyler states the Rockstar calves were much smoother and more complete than his MAB's out of his famous "Lucy" donor!

Tyler also stated the semen quality and conception with Rockstar semen was exceptional!

Contact Tyler for information on Rockstar embryos from his famous Lucy cow. He may just turn a few loose if you twist his arm hard enough!

Tyler - 810-441-3838

"Lucy" at 15 years of age. 
Still looks incredible!

Now Valued at $175,000
Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: Full Sister to Troubadour
BW: 90 lbs.
THC & PHA Free

ORDER SEMEN TODAY - 434.962.3993!

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