Monday, June 26, 2017

Breed Like a Rockstar This Breeding Season! Order today - 434.962.3993!

Now Valued at $175,000
Sire: Man Among Boys
Dam: Full Sister to Troubadour
BW: 90 lbs.
THC & PHA Free

ORDER SEMEN TODAY - 434.962.3993!

  • For anyone that knows me, if I was ever going to own a MAB son, he was going to have to be a "Rockstar". I've got $175,000 reasons as to why I think this bull is the answer we've all been looking for
  • Rockstar is our new go to bull to make high powered show steer prospects than can sell high and win purple banners
  • One of the most popular bulls in Denver because of his combination of quality and shape on a nearly perfect skeleton and structure, not to mention his never before seen color pattern
  • Check out his promotional videos on Youtube
  • First calf reports are incredible, structure and quality is what people are really saying sets his calves apart
  • High percentage baldy calves. 100% red or black calves on red and black cows (no smokes or peaches unless cow is Charolais)
"Rockstar reminds me more of Monopoly in terms of composition and build than any other bull I've ever seen."
Chris Terembes, Executive Sires, Inc., C.E.O.

"The best club calf bull to ever walk at MCF & his first calf reports are exceptional. Every donor we have will be flushed to Rockstar this year."
Brigham Stewart, 2007 NAILE National Champion High Individual Collegiate Judge

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