Thursday, October 5, 2017

EXEC Mr Crossfire 6P01 - Half Interest Sells October 28, 2017 at the Quaker Hill Fall Sale in The Number 1 $Beef Non-Parent Bull in the Angus population when you sort for CED & $Weaning EPDs!

BREAKING NEWS - Mr Crossfire has already frozen 250 units of high quality semen on his first collection!

The buyer and new partner of Mr Crossfire will share in the semen revenues!

Call to order semen or inquire about purchasing this great Angus bull today - 434.962.3993!

2017 Quaker Hill Fall Sale
Lot 114
EXEC Mr Crossfire 6P01
AAA Reg. Number - 18538274

·      Crossfire is a major league A.I. Sire Prospect, big time herd bull prospect, and Considerable Investment Opportunity!
·      The Number 1 $Beef Non-Parent Bull in the Angus population when you sort for CED & $Weaning EPDs.
·      Crossfire is sired by the extremely popular GAR Prophet and is a direct son of the stunning and superior producing 2008 Donor featured as lot 10A who is the only full sister to GAR Sure Fire. 2008 is the front pasture kind. She can do it all, incredible phenotype, exceptional EPD profile and in terms of convenience traits, she stays fat on air, milks heavily and has a bomb proof disposition.
·      When you study Crossfire’s EPD profile, he’s the commercial & purebred cattle producers dream heifer bull prospect. Exceptional top 1% calving ease, extreme early growth, top 1% Docility, phenomenal maternal, carcass excellence, and Breed Leading top 1% $Weaning.
·      Crossfire is a stallion walking the ground, being sure footed, big boned, colossal bodied, ideal in his muscle shape, and a cool customer from the side view profile!
·      Executive Ranches plans to collect & market semen on this sire through our distribution company Executive Sires, Inc. Please contact us for more details on this marketing program.
·      Selling ½ semen interest and full possession.
·      Owned by Executive Ranches

Mr. Crossfire's Dam
The ONLY Sister to GAR Surefire

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