Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Introducing the $500,000 Valued - EWA Ascend 7306 - $226.11 $Beef Outcross Sire

Introducing the $500,000 Valued - 
EWA Ascend 7306 - AAA - 19054050

$226.11 $Beef Outcross Sire
I was super excited to acquire Ascend last fall to be our featured new Angus performance sire at Executive Sires, Inc. Ascend is an extremely unique performance Angus sire that has added look, extension and structural integrity with a world class EPD profile!
Ascend offers a special package of phenotype, EPDs, stellar genomic profile and tremendous fertility! Ascend has frozen high quality semen since 11 months of age and continues to be a big volume semen producer.
I greatly appreciate E&H Cattle Co. of Wytheville, VA for their purchase of an interest in Ascend to value this great bull at $500,000.
I'd also like to thank all of our Ascend share holders:
Fulcher Farms - North Carolina
High Ridge Farms - North Carolina
Hayes Angus Farm - North Carolina
Hornung Livestock - Colorado
Ragged Edge Ranch - Oklahoma
Hirschy Angus Ranch - Florida
Diamond A Land & Cattle - Texas

Semen is available for shipment for now - 434-962-3993!

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