Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Attention Angus Breeders. New Alliance with Wehrmann Angus!!!

Executive Sires is proud to announce the acquisition of two new powerhouse Angus bulls from Wehrmann Angus and their partners to our herd sire battery. These two bulls will be valuable additions to our Performance lineup joining the Angus phenom Rito Tremendous 0V42 and Bounty 517U the Canadian Supreme National Champion Hereford.

Rito 7M96

The first sire acquired by Executive Sires is Rito 7M96 of Rita 5F56 Pred. Rito 7M96 is a very attractive son of G A R Predestined. His dam is the unbelievable Rita 5F56. 7M96 had a IMF ratio of 168 with a REA ratio of 109, in addition to an impressive 365 adj wt of 1370 lbs. Check out his explosive EPD's under his registration number 15796887 on This bull has seen heavy use in the Wehrmann Angus program as well as in the Grand Bayou program in LA where the average birth weight on twenty calves were 64lbs. The calves by this bull are exciting. His dam Rita 5F56 now records 48 head scanned with IMF ratio of 110 and 48 @ 108 for REA. This bull is proving himself to offer Power and Performance and will certainly improve your herd.

The second sire acquired by Executive Sires is Rito 9Q13 of Rita 5F56 GHM. Rito 9Q13 is an out cross sire to many of today's pedigrees. He combines the high IMF and female sire Gardens Highmark coupled with Rita 5F56 who is fast becoming the replacement to 10 million dollar earning Wehrmann legend "2536". This bull is rare. Very seldom do you find +1.06 IMF and +1.16 REA cattle with 45lbs of Carcass Weight. Combine that with calving ease and growth in a moderate package and you have value. This bull has been A.I.  bred to thirty heifers at Wehrmann Angus and is seeing natural service now. This bull is impressive phenotyipcally and genetically. According to Master Breeder Richard McClung Rito 9Q13's dam Rita 5F56 is the best cow at Wehrmann Angus now and possibly ever! If that isn't a stamp of approval I don't know what is. Registration number - 16408438.

Executive Sires is holding a raffle on behalf of Wehrmann Angus at the Virginia Beef Expo. The prize is 5 free straws of semen on either Rito 7M96 or Rito 9Q13. To be eligible purchase 5 units of semen on either bull during the VA Beef Expo! Thanks Wehrmann Angus!

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