Monday, April 18, 2011

Thanks to Semen Customers at VA Beef Expo!

Executive Sires had a great weekend at the VA Beef Expo. We saw several familiar faces and met many new friends and customers. We look forward to next year's VA Beef Expo.

Executive Sires would like to thank all of its customers and supporters this weekend at the VA Beef Expo. They include: Dr. Allen Strecker, JT Begoon, Scott Ruebush, Donald Michael, Steven Michael, Lori and Kenny Coffey, Larry Morris, Gene Dellinger, Jacob Arehart, Dr. Josh Keene, Roger Patterson, Zach Bartenslager, Derek Savage, Justin Olson, Caleb Lam, Jeff Tuennerman, Isaac Custer, Chris Hawver, and James Wright. We really appreciate your business!

Once again thanks to Matt Lautner Cattle for your support and for sending us the best bulls in the club calf business. Without the best bulls we surely would not have had such a successful weekend!

If anyone needs anymore semen or has any questions about mating decisions please do not hesitate to call.

Chris Terembes

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