Thursday, May 26, 2011

Industry Interview - Virginia Club Calf Producers

Executive Sires was fortunate enough to sit down yesterday evening with the VA Club Calf Producers board in Woodstock, VA. We discussed many things about the club calf industry in VA and their upcoming events. VA Club Calf Producers has graciously become Executive Sires first official blog sponsor.

I have a 6 question interview that I completed with the board last evening I would like to share with you about about the VA Club Calf Producers upcoming events.

Executive Sires Talking Points:

1) What events will VA Club Calf Producers be holding the weekend of January 28, 2012?

  • VA Club Calf Producers will holding as always "The Event Like No Other" the VCCP Winter Classic Jackpot Show. This event offers over $20,000 in cash and prizes back to the exhibitors. 
    • The heifer show will be held on Saturday afternoon with the Grand Champion heifer exhibitor receiving $750!
    • The steer show will be held on Sunday morning with the Grand Champion steer exhibitor receiving $1000.
  • BREAKING NEWS! THE VCCP will be holding a new First Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale on the Saturday evening following the the heifer show!
    • This event will be a spectacular event to acquire the top genetics in America in the cattle business!
2) What breeds will be represented in the First Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale in January?
  • All Major Breeds will be represented including Angus, Chi's, Shorthorns, Herefords, Maines, Simmy's, Limmy's, and all Crosses in between!
3) What will be offered in the First Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale?
  • Show heifers
  • Open brood cow prospects
  • Bred heifers
  • Donors
  • Flushes
  • Embryos
  • Bulls
    • There will be several feature lots.
    • The VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale currently has elite genetics consigned from 18 states across America!
4) What has brought upon this great sale in January?
  • We as the VA Club Calf Producers Group felt after having 6 great years of holding the largest Jackpot show on the east coast we wanted to bring not only the best show prospects to our event but the best genetics to the EAST COAST!
  • Our goal was for The First Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale to feature the top genetics in America! And it certainly will as we already have numerous feature lots from top breeders around the nation!
5) Where will this elite event be held and who do we contact for information?
  • The show and sale will be held in Harrisonburg, VA!
  • Contact Sale Manager Bob Dwyer at (309) 337-1404 or Sale Chairman Donald Michael at (540) 421-9973 for more information about this elite event!
6) And as always when will your VCCP "Best of the Valley" Steer Sale be held?
  • The steer sale will be held September 24th at 6:00 pm at Rockingham County Fairgrounds!
  • Contact JT Begoon at (540) 430-1716 for more information!

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