Saturday, October 8, 2011

1978 Heisman Trophy Winner Billy Sims Interview with Chris Terembes on MLC TV

MLC TV Exclusive Interview with 1978 Heisman Trophy Winner, Billy Sims with, MLC TV Anchor, Chris Terembes!

I met Billy at the 2011 Tulsa State Fair. He has a beautiful booth at the fair offering lots of Oklahoma memorabilia. Billy was a legend at Oklahoma and was the Number 1 overall draft pick in the NFL in 1980 by the Detroit Lions. Billy had an incredible career!

Currently, Billy operates a chain of 23 Billy Sims Barbeque restuarants in Oklahoma and Missouri! He has a great line of BBQ sauces. Be sure to check out!

Billy has past experience with the cattle business! He bred and raised Simmentals and Brangus. But nowadays he has a favorite bull in particular! Watch the video and find out who his favorite sire is!

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  1. Great coverage! Chris, you really bring knowledge & passion to the cattle business.