Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Ranch Visit in Florida - Matt Crews' Operation

Tropicana Field - Home of the Tampa Bay Rays
ALDS - Rangers vs. Rays
David Price - Ray's Starting Pitcher for Game 3 of ALDS

I got a chance to stop by Matt Crews's ranch in Florida while I was in the Sunshine state. He and his family have a beautiful place with a really neat clipping room in his show barn. I got to look at Matt's cow herd and was impressed. Matt has only been building his herd for a few years and he's built a nice foundation. He's planning to A.I. all of his females this fall to produce a stout set for Hardee County's born and bred show. Matt lives in Hardee County and their county fair is set up where only calves born and bred in the county are eligible to compete. The future looks bright at Matt's place!

After I looked at Matt's ranch we were able to go to Game 3 of the ALDS and watch the Texas Rangers play the hometown Tampa Bay Rays! It was a great game! We had a wonderful night. The Rays' came up short but it was an exciting night in Tropicana Field!

Once again thanks to Matt, Melissa, and Morgan for your hospitality and allowing me to visit your ranch! I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your calves in January when I'll be back in Florida for the Florida Fat Steer Show!

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