Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tremendous Calf Reports From Mark Campbell

Rito Tremendous OV42
Registration #: 16835054
Semen: $20/Unit -- Certificates: $35

Our first 2 Tremendous SimAngus calves were born yesterday.  Birthweights were 65 and 70.  One heifer and one bull. They are thrifty and moving good!

Call to order Tremendous Semen today! 

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Use the Best! Use this American Original!

Semen: Call for Price
Call: 434.962.3993

Livestock World - Illinois Beef Expo - Grand Champion Steer Drive Sponsored by Sure Champ

Livestock World
2012 Illinois Beef Expo
Grand Champion Steer Drive
Sponsored by Sure Champ

Believe in Me

Believe in Me
Heatwave x 7587 Donor

I was able to see this bull at Hawkeye Breeders a few weeks back. He's certainly developed into a nice two year old! First calf reports have been very positive!

Semen: $30/Unit

Call to order semen on this bull today - 434.962.3993!

The Maine Man

The Maine Man

Be sure to utilize this maternal phenomenon in the spring of 2012!

Semen: $25/Unit

Call to order today - 434.962.3993!

Choppin' Wood

Choppin' Wood

First calf reports are extremely positive on this powerful sire!

Semen - $25/Unit

Call to order today - 434.962.3993!

Night Trips!


Semen available shortly on this powerful sire from Executive Sires!


From Garwood Cattle - Frozen Gold Exclusive! Justin Garwood - 330.921.8116

I've seen this set of Fall borns! WOW - Don't Miss this Sale!

Welcome to The Flatwood Elite Steer & Heifer Sale. This sale is brought to you by Harwell Show Cattle…21st Century genetics to put you in the winner’s circle. We are very pleased to bring you a set of calves out of cows from some of the most renowned breeders in the country. This is a really deep set of calves that should meet any and all expectations. We have done our best to make sure that all calves are structurally sound and in good health. Thank you for your interest in our cattle and we hope you find the calf that will take you to the next level.

Check out this powerful set of fall borns in Florida from Harwell Show Cattle and their guest consignors! Quite an opportunity to purchase some powerful genetics from a program that produces lots of winners! 

Sale website link -

Russell Harwell - 863-899-2185

Join us by the "Bay"!

Registered Name:  ZNT Montego Bay 001W
Percent Maine:  87.5%
AMAA Reg #:  402303
Date of Birth: 6/19/09
Birth Weight: 74# (unassisted out of a 1st calf heifer)
Genetic Status:  THF and PHAF by parentage
Sire:  CMAC Tyson ET
Dam:  ZNT Jenna 707T (CMAC Hardcore x CTR Success)
Solid Black and Polled
Semen Price:  $25/unit

Montego Bay is a moderate made, moderate birth weight sire that is loaded with muscle, milk genetics, structural soundness, and style. MB’s dam is the full sister to ZNT Triple X, backing MB with easy calving genetics on both sides of his pedigree, and was Jr. Calf Champion Maine Bull at the 2010 Ft. Worth Stock Show his only time out.  He has proven himself by consistantly throwing low birthweight calves; averaging 60's on heifers and 70's on cows.  He is also stamping his calves with a great look, tons of muscle, and a huge amount of hair.

Semen available now from Executive Sires!

New Sire Available

Three Kings

Pedigree: Irish Whiskey x RSVP (Meyer 734 Son) x Chill Factor
Breed: Registered 3/4 Maine
Semen: $25/Unit

Talk about a Female Maker! He brings together the "Three Kings" of maternal in the club calf industry, Irish Whiskey, Meyer, and Chill Factor! Take advantage of this potent sire for your spring 2012 breeding season!

Semen available now through Executive Sires!

Heater From Van Meter Calf Reports starting to come in!

Heater From Van Meter

From Dave Vansickle - "If that one keeps coming like she looks now, look out boys! That one is built awesome for a legit halfblood simmy! After this calf, I think we will definitely use him more!

Sorry for the delay!

The 2012 Illinois Beef Expo Grand Drives will be loaded by the end of today! I'm on vacation in Nashville and unfortunately the internet is a bit slow in the hotel. God willin' I'll be able to get them loaded by tonight! Keep your fingers crossed! It was an incredible show!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Livestock World TV - Iowa Beef Expo Supreme Champion Heifer Drive

Livestock World TV - Iowa Beef Expo Grand Champion Market Animal Drive HD VIDEO

Illinois Beef Expo - X-bred Steer Drive Sponsored By Elliott Cattle on Livestock World

2012 Illinois Beef Expo 
Crossbred Steer Drive

Champion Shown by AJ Line

Reserve Champion Shown by Derrick Osborn

Sponsored by Elliott Cattle Company

Don't Settle for Duplicates!


Use the Best! Use this American Original!

Semen: Call for Price
Call: 434.962.3993

The Streak's Over!

Hardee County Fair - Florida
Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Congratulations to Morgan Crews!

From Derek Vogt

Monopoly smoke show x 2!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Illinois Beef Expo - Grand Champions Selected

Grand Champion Steer - AJ Line - Sired by Monopoly

Supreme Champion Heifer - Patrick Foley - Raised by Sullivan Farms

Champion X-bred Steer Drive in the Ring at Illinois Beef Expo - Tune in Live on

Tune in Now to the Illinois Beef Expo - Live on!

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update - Division 2 Crossbred Steers

Champ - Tamar Adcock
Reserve Champ - Savannah Peters

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update - Division 1 Crossbred Steers

Champ - Olivia Caldwell
Reserve Champ - Lucas Wisnefski

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update - Polled Hereford Heifers

Champion Hereford Heifer - Eric Schafer
Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer - Korbin Collins

Illinois Beef Expo Champions Update - AOB Steers

Champion AOB - Shown by Lucas Wisnefski - Sold by Dunk and Paulsen
Reserve Champion AOB - Riley Smith

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update - Angus Heifers

Champion Angus Heifer - Lucas Wall
Reserve Champion Angus Heifer - Eric McClure

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update

Champion Simmental Steer - Cody Torrey
Reserve Champion Simmental Steer - Austin Tomhave

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update

Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer - Peyton Richie
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer - Karmeron Smithers

Illinois Beef Expo Champions - Update

Champion Shorthorn Steer - Dalton Line
Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer - Kelsey Richie

Congratulations! Tune and watch the show on!

2012 Illinois Beef Expo - Live Coverage on Now on!

The 2012 Illinois Beef Expo Jr. Show is live now! Go to, sign up and log-in to view the Show!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heatwave Heifer - For Sale at Ohio Beef Expo Chi Connection Sale

Hey Chris great job out here in Iowa with the beef expo! Wondering if you could put this on your blog she's a June heat wave x hairy selling in the Ohio beef expo chi connection sale! Unbelievable heifer here big bodied and sound as a cat she will be very competitive anywhere you take her.
Randy Buesing 563-320-6394

Executive Sires is Proud to Work With and Endorse

I am proud to work with and appreciate all their website and ad design work! I highly recommend their services! Be sure to get in touch with Quint Huncovsky with to help develop your advertising campaign!

Quint Huncovsky - 785.259.4122

Exciting Announcement for Livestock World

Livestock World is excited to announce they will be broadcasting live from Kris Black's 11th Annual Cream of the Crop Female Sale! Livestock World will be bringing their viewers live pre-sale coverage as well as interviews with sale manager, Christy Collins and Black Hereford Ranch owner, Kris Black!

 The 11th Annual Cream of the Crop Female Sale will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2012! This famous sell will feature over 300 head including bred heifers, cows, and AI sire prospects!

Sale Management: Collins Cattle Services - Christy Collins Inc.

Livestock World looks forward to this great sale at Black Hereford Ranch as well as working with Collins Cattle Services on future sales!

Thanks to Elliott Cattle Co for Sponsoring the Champion X-Bred Steer Drive at the 2012 Illinois Beef Expo

Be sure to check out this powerful set of fall born prospects from Elliott Cattle Company! They all sale on February 28th on!

Thanks again to Elliott Cattle Company for Sponsoring the 2012 Illinois Beef Expo X-Bred Steer Drive on Livestock World!

Contact Bill Elliott for more information on this great set of Fall Borns! 

2012 Iowa Beef Expo Grand Champion Steer Drive HD Video - Available Now!

The 2012 Iowa Beef Expo Grand Champion Steer Drive HD Video is now available for viewing! Go to, sign up and log-in to view the Grand Champion Steer Drive! The Supreme Champion Heifer Drive will be available in the morning as well!

Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Iowa Beef Expo - Showmanship Contest

The Jr. Showmanship Champions at the 2012 Iowa Beef Expo! Congratulations.

Thanks again to the Iowa Beef Expo for allowing me to judge!

Executive Sires Stops by Hawkeye Breeders!

I was fortunate to be able to stop by Hawkeye Breeders in Adel, IA. I looked at all of the bulls! It was a great opportunity to see all the popular bulls as well as the new sires for 2012! 

Some of the bulls I appreciated the most include I-80, Cornhusker, The Maine Man, Hard Whiskey, Night Trips, Walks Alone, Believe in Me, Medicine Man and Thriller!

In my humble opinion, I really think that Cornhusker was the most impressive bull at Hawkeye. I was impressed by his practicality and completeness! He was stout, sound, extremely big bodied and I thought he was exceptional in his hoof design and heel depth! He'll be a big time breeding bull!

Be sure to stop by Hawkeye and see the bulls!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sneak Preview of the Live Broadcast Home for the Iowa Beef Expo Jr. Show!

Check out the new website for MLC TV and The Bull Pen!

We will have prize giveaways on Saturday and Sunday for our registered viewers! Be sure to register to watch the 2012 Iowa Beef Expo Jr. Show and have the opportunity to win over $2,500 in prizes and gifts!

I'm Iowa Bound!!!

I'm Iowa Bound headed for the Iowa Beef Expo! I'm excited to get to Des Moines for the show. I can't wait to judge the junior showmanship contest Friday! Also, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to broadcast the Iowa Beef Expo Jr. Steer and Heifer Show over the weekend as well!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated Photo - Dominating Champion!

Grand Champion Steer
 2012 Missouri AGR
Shown by Kayla Morrow
Raised by Brian England
Sold by Goretska
Sired by Monopoly

Another Example of the power of Monopoly! Its always best to use an American Original!

Call to order your Monopoly semen today!

Thanks to Willow Springs Club Calves, The Walker Family, for becoming a Corporate Sponsor of MLC TV!

Thanks to Willow Springs Club Calves for becoming a corporate sponsor for the year of 2012! Their support is greatly appreciated!

Don't forget to check out!

Stay tuned for details on a special opportunity from Willow Springs at this weekend's Iowa Beef Expo!

Thanks to for their Corporate Sponsorship of the Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio Beef Expos!

Thanks to for joining the team as a corporate sponsor the Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio Beef Expos! We appreciate their support!

Don't forget to check out and their great online auction service!