Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New for 2020 - EXEC Mr Exposure 8RV1 - Outcross Calving Ease Angus Rockstar - Order today - 434-962-3993!

Introducing EXEC Mr Exposure 8RV1
Reg: AAA *19210891

The most exciting and versatile Angus sire I've raised since
EXEC Mr Crossfire who sold for a $120,000 valuation in 2017.

Mr Exposure is a unique calving ease and performance bred Angus bull that offers exceptional phenotype, a balanced EPD profile and complete outcross genetics to the industries most popular Angus show sires, Dameron First Class, Colburn Primo and Silveiras Style!
Mr Exposure as a calf was one that exuded the presence and class that drew visitors eyes every time! He was a performance standout! He weighted a modest 74 pounds at birth, had an 852 pound weaning weight and a 1476 pound yearling weight! He has the real world performance the industry desperately needs! And to top it off his dam is a prototypical Angus female, being moderate with a perfect udder, tremendous maternal character, faultless feet and stunning phenotype!
This bull is right for the times! Mr Exposure is a bull that can fit any facet of the industry, no matter if you are breeding for high performing feeder calves, progressive Angus seed stock or championship quality show calves! He's a sure fire heifer bull that still has the quality, style and pedigree flexibility to be used in the Angus, Simmental and Club Calf industries!
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