Tuesday, December 15, 2020

VAR Revelation - Breeder Reports Rolling in from around the USA - Click to read - Order today - 434-962-3993!

VAR Revelation 6299 semen is in tight supply due to overwhelming demand - he is now selling on a collection to collection basis! Be sure to get your orders in early to be prepared for breeding season!

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The Undisputed Calving Ease, Growth and Carcass King!

Birth to yearling spread leader offering exceptional Docility with extraordinary carcass merit and stunning phenotype! 
The complete package! 

Recent messages from breeders around the nation:

Text Message from Chris Styles - Styles Angus - South Dakota - 
"Revelation is working big time here. Our heaviest bull calf at weaning in 2020 was a Revelation and he's a stud horse. We have several high quality Revelation's that will be features on the 2021 bull sale! The cattle are so stout, big bodied, great footed and quiet. Every heifer we bred to him calved unassisted! He's exceeded my expectations greatly. I'm glad I jumped on him early and will have some of the first sons to sell at public auction in 2021.

Text Message from Harvey Koehne - Manager - Tanner Farms - Mississippi -
"Our oldest Revelation daughters are yearlings. They're really heavy muscled, deep ribbed and pounds heavy. We only sampled Revelation through A.I. in fall of 2018. No embryo work, but every yearling daughter from that group is headed to the donor facility to be aspirated! They will be big league donors in our program to make herd bulls for our future bull sales! We need more of these Revelations. Can't wait for the next calf crop!"

Text from Brian Kirkes - Kirkes Black Angus Ranch - Oklahoma - 
"We used the bull heavily in our progressive performance Angus program! Revelation is doing a heck of a job for us. We bred him to lots of heifers and they all calved easy and unassisted. We are extremely pleased with our first calves via A.I. We flushed to the bull extensively last spring and this fall and are pumped to see our first ET calves hit the ground. He's a bull we plan to tie too. He just does so many things right!"

Text from Mark Benes - Circle B Livestock - Nebraska -
"Revelation has done a tremendous job at Circle B. We bred the bull to a wide variety of females. We are really pleased with how he consistently improves phenotype and performance. His sons will be a feature on our 2021 bull sale. Look for more info after the first of the year."

Text from Gaston Hornung - Hornung Livestock - Colorado -
"Revelation is a bull we love at Hornung Livestock. The calves come small and hit the ground running with lots of vigor. They have grown exceptionally well and get the job done in the feedlot. We used the bull heavily in our commercial herd as well. The commercial calves were unmatched in our feed yard and on the rail. We are super excited to sell our first set of Revelation sons in our inaugural 2021 bull sale on March 17 at the Ranch in Stratton, Colorado. The bulls look the part!"

Some of the industries most progressive breeders from around 
North America have identified and are utilizing VAR Revelation 6299 
including the likes of:

Connealy Angus Ranch - Nebraska
44 Farms - Texas
Silveira Bros. - California
McConnell Angus - Colorado
Capitol Angus - Texas
Circle G Ranches - Georgia
Mohnen Angus - South Dakota
Styles Angus - South Dakota
Semex Alliance - Canada
FB Genetics - Texas
Kirkes Black Angus Ranch - Oklahoma
Hirschy Angus - Florida
Roseda Farms - Maryland
Graber Angus - Indiana
Tanner Farms - Mississippi 
Hornung Livestock - Colorado
Circle B Livestock - Nebraska
Gateway Genetics - Nebraska
Wall Street Cattle Co. - Missouri

and many more great breeders around the United States & Canada!

Call to order today - 434-962-3993!


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  1. I am flushing one heifer and one young moma cow in the next few weeks. Any way to order straws of VAR Revelation 6299 # 18432146. I have tried to find pricing on your home page, was not successful.
    Please contact me when it is convenient,
    Thank you,
    John Abe Teague
    Teague Angus
    196 Shanks Road
    Telford, Tennessee 37690